Gray Marble

Gray Marble

Gray Marble ,It is a crystalline carbonate rock, composed of calcite crystals of medium to coarse grains (2 – 5) mm, gray with black bands.

Grey marble is a crystalline carbonate rock, composed of calcite crystals of medium to coarse grains (2 – 5) mm. It is a whitish to grayish rock with elongated dark gray to black spots of graphitic pigment, but you can also find parts of the marble where the boundary between the light and dark material is uninterrupted.

Generally, the size of the calcite crystals depends on the content of graphite, in the white parts the crystals are larger and in the dark bands the calcite crystals are of much smaller size.

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The beauty of the Natural Stone turns into sophistication with Gray marble. Ideal for minimalist environments or in combination with others.

The simplicity wisely chosen adds up, never subtracts. This is the Gray marble, a material with a unique vocation that knows how to differentiate itself from others to the elegance of its purest, most primitive essence. It offers a uniform compact sensation that guarantees an infinite perspective, mysterious and attractive in styles.

Oriental; with a strong personal character in minimalist environments more accentuated; or spacious and bright that work perfectly in other styles such as the loft and even daring in others such as vintage. No doubt the old maxim minimalist less is more reaches its maximum expression with this material that only multiplies its benefits.


Its resistance, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, variety and chromatic richness are just some of the qualities that have made marble one of the preferred materials for decorators and architects.


The grey marble is presented in different textures adapting to different currents of interior design and architecture.


It is the most characteristic finish and achieves an inimitable effect of reflecting light and objects as if it were a mirror.


This finish gives the stone a greater character and greater prominence when placed. Reflects the light, but with less reflection. The surface is smooth.


By means of a special treatment, a texture is obtained that enhances the natural properties of the stone and the aesthetic strength of its veins. The surface is somewhat irregular.

The Finish

Through this finish, the resulting product has a rugged effect and a steep feel, perfect to make it more resistant outdoors.